Saturday, 6 August 2016

My Dream

Image: Orange flowers.  Text: I have a dream that one day ... uh oh. Brain fog.You might have noticed I've added a "buy me a coffee" link on the right hand side of the blog. That's not to make you feel guilty if you read the blog all the time and don't have money to spare.  It's also not meant to be a limiter if you read this blog and would love to give me heaps of money you do have spare.  It's just another way to try to make a little bit out of the blog.

You see I have a dream.  It's not as grand or exciting as the dream of the person who first said that.  In fact it probably doesn't come close. But it's my dream and it's special to me.

My dream is that one day my writing will earn me enough money to be able to support myself, and not need a government pension.  Further, I dream of being able to help other people with lupus who are in need, and to help support lupus researchers.

I'm a long way from reaching my dream.  But I'm also only 50.  I've probably got a few years yet to get there (depending on what lupus has planned). Maybe one day I will feel that I'm doing something worthwhile to support myself and help others.

(I also dream that one day the baby fruit trees in the back yard will help feed my family and me.  So far, that's looking like a distant dream as well.)

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