Friday, 18 October 2019

Lupus Nephritis Survey

Click here to take part in the survey.
British research organisation Opinion Health is looking for Lupus Nephritis Patients in both the USA  and Australia to take part in a survey aimed at improving the patient experience.

If you want to take part, click on the link to give your information.  This will be followed up with a telephone interview.  The phone interview will take 60 minutes.  So if you are interested, you don't have much time to sign up.

Participants will be rewarded with an Amazon voucher ($US 160 for US participants, $AU 220 for Australian participants.)

Saturday, 12 October 2019

Quick Health Risk Check

For a quick check of you risk for heart disease,
kidney disease and diabetes, go to the
Health Direct Risk Checker.
OK lovely lupies, I know we all spend too much time at the doctor, and far too much time worrying about our health.

If you want to quickly eliminate some worries, check out the Health Direct Risk Checker. You fill out a five-minute survey, and get an assessment for your risk for heart disease, kidney disease and diabetes, and some personalised advice on reducing risk factors.

Health Direct is an Australian Government funded site, which provides reliable information on a number of health matters, including medication information sheets, and a symptom checker.

More useful information from Health Direct: