Saturday, 10 September 2016

Not Going Back
I was walking around the Ipswich Mall today, and discovered a lovely little shop I'd never seen before.

It sold craft items, which looked lovely.

I asked, and was told that yes, they were all locally made.

The shop assistant said local craftspeople left items with them on consignment.

Seeing an opportunity, I asked if they could take my books on consignment.  She wasn't sure and said to come and see the boss during the week.

She asked my name, and was sure she recognised it from somewhere.  I said if she followed the mayor on Facebook, she might have seen him sharing lupus catch-ups I'd organised.

That was a mistake.

She launched into a long story of how she'd cured someone's lupus.  The woman had a terrible rash, and these products a Malaysian nurse had told her about fixed it right up. The shop assistant herself had been taking these treatments and she hadn't seen a doctor for 20 years, even though she used to sometimes get headaches.  I really should think about trying it.

Regular readers know what I think of unsolicited and unqualified medical advice.  (In short, if I didn't ask you and you're not my doctor, I don't want medical advice from you.)

I could have explained the rash isn't the bit of lupus that can kill us.  I could have pointed out that there is no known cure.  I could have done any number of things.

What I did was smile nicely, leave, and decide to never go back there. (Not even if they could sell books for me.)