If you have a favourite lupus site (either in Australia or internationally), please email me the details.

Note: some of these people and organisations count on advertising revenue from their websites for support. If you have a adblocker, please pause it or turn it off while visiting these sites.

Australia Support Groups:

Autoimmune Resource and Research Centre
Lupus Association of Tasmania
Lupus Association Queensland (Closed Facebook group)
Lupus Association Queensland Facebook page for organisation
Lupus Australia (Queensland)
Lupus Foundation (Victoria)
Lupus New South Wales
Lupus Western Australia
Move Muscle, Bone and Joint Health (formerly Arthritis Victoria.)

Government and Government Agencies:
Centrelink: Payments for people living with illness, injury or disability.
Qld Government: Accessing specialist disability support.

Qld Government: Access to community care (helping with cleaning, etc)

The Rest of the World Support Groups:
Fighting With Lupus Philippines
Fight Like A Girl Club
Hope for Lupus Philippines
Lupus Alert  Mauritius
Lupus Europe
Lupus Foundation of America
     For those in the USA, find your nearest LFA Chapter here
Lupus Society
Lupus UK
Oyemam Autoimmune Foundation Ghana
S.L.E. Lupus Foundation Support, Fundraising for Research, Education
Syasmi Dhuha (Morning Light)  Indonesia
Voice of Lupus
World Lupus Federation
Yayasan Lupus Indonesia

Medical Information Related to Lupus:
Arthritis Support Board (Dr Shashank Akerkar, Rheumatologist)
Autoimmune Resource and Research Centre
BJC Health Connected Care (Dr Irwin Lim, Rheumatologist)
Dr Ronan Kavanagh's list of rheumatologists who blog
Health Direct Australia
Victorian Government Better Health

Patient information leaflets for medications.
Science-based Medicine.

Arthritis Today Magazine
The BlogSupport Daily
The Lupus Daily
The Pain and Medicine Daily
LA Lupus Lady
Lupus Research Institute
Lupus Today
Lupus Now

Stuff I'm finding it hard to categorise:
Lupus Care Community  Corry makes up care packs for people with lupus.

Lupus Blogs:

A - C.
Adventures in Lupus
A Lovely Fighter
A Lupie Creation
A Lupie Existence
Amy Has Lupus
Annie, the Lupus Warrior
Arthritis Answers
Aspergers and Lupus
Blaming Lupus
But You Don't Look Sick
Coffee for the Soul

Fight for Lupus
From Lupus to Living

Getting Closer to Myself
Green Eyed Girl
HealClick - Social Medicine
I Can't Fit my Jeans
I'm Luping Tired
It's Time to Get Over How Fragile You Are

Laughing with Mr Lupus
Letz Face Lupus
Life in the Autoimmune Lane
Life with RA is a Pain
Lissa's World
Living Life with Latoya
Living with Lupus, but Dying of Everything Else
Living with Rhythm
Lola Vs Lupus
Lupie Cave
Lupus and Other Chronic Illnesses
Lupus Angels
Lupus - Beat It
Lupus Beauti
Lupus Chronicles
Lupus Cloud
Lupus, Humour and Wellness
Lupus in Colour
Lupus: Dafuq just happened?
Lupus Interrupted
Lupus, Lipstick and Life; My Journey
Lupus Masquerader
Lupus Mommies
Lupus Never Looked so Good
Lupus Ranting
Lupus Shmupus
Lupus: Support and Survival

memory doesn't serve me, so I blog
Men Get Lupus Too (Health Unlocked)
mrs lupus
Me Verse Lupus
My Battle Against Lupus
My Fight Against Lupus
My Life Living With Lupus
My Lupus Journey, My Life
My Wife has Lupus
Objects in Mirror are Closer than They Appear
on going goings on
On the Road to a Lupus Cure

Princess Lupus
Proverbs 31 Woman with a Chronic Illness
Redefining Myself with Lupus and MS

"Shrinking" Chronic Illness
Skip to my Lupus
Smoke and Mirrors
Taking Pills n' Paying Bills
The Fifth Disease
The Half Full Perspective
The Hibbs Lupus Trust
The Lupie Bin
The Lupie Chick
The Lupie Mama
The Lupus Way of Life
The Patient Doctor
The Wolf Within Me
The Home of Lupoid
These Are the Faces of Lupus
The Wild Within
The World According to Lupus
Tiffany and Lupus

What the Jules
Who am I?
Working Lupie

Other stuff:
The Faces of Lupus
World Lupus Day
Health Unloncked:  Men Get Lupus Too

Lupus Pages on Social Media: