In Memorium

We, who battle daily against lupus,
take the time to remember,
those who have fought the wolf and lost.
We give thanks to God that 
they are no longer in pain.
And we hope and pray for a day
when there will be a cure,
and the wolf will not take 
any more lives.

Please feel free to write your own tributes to people who have lost their lives to lupus in the "comments" section of this page.


  1. R.I.P Kelly, you are now in the arms of Angels, thinking of all the loved ones at this sad time...
    Love Jaine xoxoxo

  2. Toni Renae Walker7 September 2022 at 20:01

    My Uncle Henry Eric Boelter Jr, was born November 14, 1947; Died July 18, 2022 from complications with Lupus.
    He ran his own water delivery company in Homer, Alaska for several years. There were times he said he had to crawl to the bathroom or anywhere in the house. He tried many medications to help control his lupus. He did not like the way he felt with them so he stayed on prednisone which made more problems then good. I wish I was there to spend time with him even speak to him. See, I have Lupus as well, it is genetic in my family. I did care for him and loved him, so did his entire family,

  3. Rest in peace Joke Van Kammen, beautiful lupus butterfly.

  4. Brandy Campbell, free from the horror of lupus at last.


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