Thursday, 10 September 2015

Brain Fog Alert

For a while now, my family's been working on assembling a gazebo in our yard.

Everyone's had a go at it at different times, whenever they've had a the time and energy.

Once we put our outdoor furniture in it, it's going to be a great place to go out and read, and enjoy the herb garden I keep trying to win back from the weeds. (Sadly, the weeds put a lot more energy into the battle than I do.)

It's also right next to an existing shade cover over my grand-daughter's play equipment and sand pit.  So it will be a nice place to sit and keep an eye on her as well.

You may notice that as well as insect screens on all sides, it's got a curtain on one corner, that can be moved back or forward to manage sun and shade.

Actually, it came with curtains for all four corners.

When I finally got around to putting up the curtains, there was only one.

Where are the other three?  I've looked in all the logical places, garden sheds, etc.

No-one else has any idea, none have moved them.

The working theory here is that, in a brain fogged state, I put them somewhere that seemed perfectly sensible in the fog, but which no reasonable person would ever consider.

Perhaps, on another "foggy day", I might stumble across them again.  It seems that there's no hope of finding them while clear-headed.

I found them, in the packaging.  I thought I'd already checked there, so maybe I wasn't as clear-headed as I thought when I was searching.

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Temazapam Dreams

Lately, I've been struggling with fatigue all day.  I've been drinking excess coffee to combat it, so at
Super Grover
night, I'm stuck with being awake feeling every little ache or pain and being aware that I'm going to be super-fatigued again in during the day.

To try to get everything back under control, I've taken temazapam (sleeping pills) for the last two nights.

That means I've slept really soundly during the night, but it also means I've been having really weird dreams.

Last night, I was in the world of one of those really gritty modern super-hero movies.  It should have been a Batman film.  But the superhero was Super Grover from Sesame Street. (The guy who couldn't fly because a kitten was on the end of his cape.)

Did it work?

As I said, I've slept really soundly of a night-time.

During the day?  I'm still exhausted.