Monday, 25 November 2013

When the (Energy) Budget's Tight

Weather always affects me.

The hot, humid, weather in Brisbane through the summer storm season saps my energy and leaves me exhausted.

Of course, in winter, the cold makes my joint pain so much worse, that it's not really any better than summer.

So with the heat and the humidity at the moment, I'm doing very little, except watching all the things I need to do build up around me.

After the effort of eating breakfast and taking morning pills, I go back to bed for a nap.  There's another nap on the agenda most afternoons.  That doesn't leave a lot of time for life.

So I set priorities.  My children and granddaughter are my top priority.

Next at the moment, is planning a trip to England next year to see my sister. My children, son-in-law, and granddaughter are all coming with me. To minimise the impact of differences in temperature, we're going in July, travelling from our winter to England's summer.

After that come necessities like feeding myself, the son who still lives with me and the pets. At that same level is making sure I take all my pills.

Then I try to save some energy for my friends.

So if you ever visit my house, and notice the dirty dishes in the sink, the washing that's been on the line for a week and not brought in, and the carpets which are overdue to be cleaned - you know why. Those things just didn't have a high enough priority level to make it into energy budget this week.

Maybe when the next storm breaks, and the weather cools down for an hour or two, one of those "extra" jobs will be done. Maybe.

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  1. Real friends come to your house to see you, they don't care if sometimes it's a little bit messy. Claire


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