Thursday, 16 March 2017

A Busy Couple of Weeks

I just looked over my schedule for the next two weeks:

Tonight - I'm helping out my Toastmasters' club at the Mayor's speech contest. It's a public speaking contest for kids in grade 11.

Sunday - I'm preaching at church.

Monday - Toastmasters' Club meeting - I'm giving a speech on the Anthropocene.

Thursday - Mayor's speech contest.

Saturday - Toastmasters convention in Toowoomba - I'm in the humorous speech contest, with a description of life in an English village, based on what I've learned from watching Midsomer Murders.

Tuesday I fly to Melbourne.  After checking into the hotel, I'll rush to represent Lupus Association Queensland, at a meeting of leaders of lupus groups. I'll be late, because I didn't know about the meeting when I booked the flights.

Wednesday all day is the Lupus 2017 Patient Education Conference. If you're there say "hello", I like to meet my readers.  If you can't be there, I'll write about it over the next few weeks.

Thursday, fly back home.

Friday, I start writing stories from my Melbourne adventure.  There should be lots of interesting and hopefully useful information for all of you lovely lupies out there. I hope what I write will make sense, because I'm going to be one sore,  exhausted, and probably brain-fogged, lupie.

How did I manage to organise all of these things in such a short space of time?  Did I forget that I need to take things slowly and not over-do anything?  I think the answer is that I haven't been organising anything.  I haven't been thinking well enough to be organised. Stuff just happens to me lately.

So, if you don't hear from me much until I get back from Melbourne, you'll know why.

Note registrations for Lupus 2017 Patient Education Conference are closing soon.  If you're planning to go, it's time to book yourself in.

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  1. Amazing ! You're going to be busy, indeed ! You'll deserve a good rest after that, for sure. I am looking forward to reading more about that conference. Claire


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