Thursday, 16 February 2017

How Do You Know You Have Side Effects from Prednisone?
There's some ways you can tell you have side effects of prednisone.

  1. You've become so fat your bra needs to be more highly engineered than the Sydney Harbour Bridge.
  2. You're slightly irritable, short of tolerance, and everyone around you has turned into a blithering idiot!
  3. Your ankles and feet have swollen to the point where they would look more appropriate being worn by an elephant.
  4. The buffalo hump you've developed at the base of the back of your neck makes a convenient pillow for naps when you're out.
  5. You alternate between forgetting to eat, and eating enough for the elephant whose feet you're wearing.
  6. Your body is getting fatter, but you have to take vitamin D or your bones will get thinner.
  7. That agonising headache is your brain screaming for help as it caves in under the pressure of all the fluid your body's retaining.
  8. You consider throwing your pills away, but you don't like pain or the likelihood of premature death, so you swallow the wretched things, and determine to keep going.

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