Saturday, 9 July 2016

New Book Coming Soon

I've been busily working on my new book Patchwork.

The first proof copy is coming soon for me to do final edits on, and then it should start appearing in all the online bookshops soon.

It's a book of short stories and poetry, and I've had some fun compiling some things I'd already written and writing some completely new stories as well.

Given the difference in price between eBooks and print books, I've decided to add an extra story to the print version that's not in the electronic version.

The extra story's a humorous look at an aspect of life with lupus. I'm not telling you any more - you have to buy the book.

Keep an eye out for it, the cover design might change in the final version, but the name won't. The artwork will still feature the great quilt made by my friend Rhonnie. (It might just be placed differently to make the title easier to read.)


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