Monday, 11 April 2016

Can You Help the ANU?

Image: an incomplete sewing project.  Text: Lupus research: the Job's not finished, but someone's putting the pieces together.Hey lovely lupies, is there anyone who lives (or happens to for some other reason be) in the
Australian Capital Territory, who might like to help out the Australian National University with a lupus awareness campaign?

Here's the details:

My name is Jimmy and I am from the Marketing and Communications Services of the Joint Colleges of Science, Australian National University. Our team is working with ANU Lupus researchers to raise the profile of the disease and increase funding for research. 

We are currently planning a campaign to coincide with World Lupus Day. Our campaign will publish real stories from patients and researchers to inform people about the illness and encourage donations. 

An important aspect of our campaign is to inform the public and potential donors about Lupus and how it affects patients. We are interviewing researchers and people affected by Lupus and creating short videos. These videos will provide insights into the disease and the research taking place at ANU. 

What would be expected of you?
If you choose to participate, we would ask for you to speak on camera about how Lupus affects you. We would not ask you to speak about anything that would make you uncomfortable. We would consult with you beforehand to ascertain how you would like your story to be presented. 

How long will it take?
The filming would take no longer than an hour of your time. We would also ask for a brief meeting beforehand to discuss the interview.

Where would your story be published?
Your story may be published in a number of places. This could include:

The website
The Science at ANU Facebook page. 
The ScienceANU Twitter account. 

What if you are unhappy with your interview?
If you decide you’re unhappy with the interview, we will be happy to leave your interview unpublished. 


James Walsh

Deputy Manager, Communication (Acting)

ANU College of Medicine, Biology & Environment
ANU College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences

Building 42, ACTON ACT, 2601, Australia
The Australian National University
+61 2 6125 4375

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