Thursday, 17 March 2016

Games to Clear the Fog

The Vortex Point games are made by Carmel Games,
and published on Mouse City.
Looking for something fun to help clear a foggy brain?

Try playing these point and click games.  (They're flash games, so they will only work if your computer has flash installed.)

This series of games is by Carmel Games. I like their stuff because I don't need fast reactions to play.

These games help provide a little challenge, enough to force a foggy lupie brain to do some thinking, but not impossible.

It's just one of many ways I waste time when I'm not feeling well, and want to at least exercise my brain a little.

Depending on how foggy you are, you may not need this advice:   When you follow the link, you will get to a page, with an ad on the top, you need to scroll down to the screen with the game, and you will have to watch an ad (you can skip after the first five seconds) before you start the game.

 Vortex Point - Point and Click games at

  Vortex Point 2 - Point and Click games at

  Vortex Point 3 - Point and Click games at

  Vortex Point 4 - Point and Click games at

  Vortex Point 5 - Point and Click games at

  Vortex Point 6 - Point and Click games at

(If you're having a really foggy day and you get stuck, you'll find a link to a walkthrough under each of the games.)

While you're exercising your brain, how about thinking about the World Lupus Day activities at Sometimes, it is Lupus?

Image differently decorated gingerbread men.  Text: This year, Sometimes It Is Lupus is celebrating World Lupus Day throughout May. To find out how you can take part, and share your unique story of life with lupus, go to
Tell Me Your Story (Note: if you have a lupus-related website or social media page, feel free to include the link with your story.)

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