Monday, 2 March 2015

Got the Time?

I love gadgets.

I have gadgets to help me open jars, gadgets to help me move around, gadgets to help me organise everything.
My new Pebble watch.

So, would it be any surprise to know I have a new gadget? This was a gift from my son.  Yes, it's a watch.  I've had watches most of my life (usually I go for pretty little gold ones, not big bulky plastic ones.)

What's so special about this?

Well, it's a smart watch, and it's customisable.

Mine now monitors and tracks my activity and sleep.  It's got a weight tracker, and if I have any kind of emergency, I can shake it, and it will automatically send emails to selected family members to say I need help.

Sleep tracker

I have an app which will help me find my mobile phone. That's very useful when my memory problems cause me to constantly forget where I've left my phone.

I've never dared take a watch in water, but this one is advertised as being OK to take in the pool, so I can use it to track my activity during hydrotherapy, as well as walks and just everyday life.

Activity tracker.

If I hadn't already had the pharmacist put all my pills into prepacks, I could have a reminder on my watch telling me which drugs to take when.  (I may still set reminders for the things that don't go in the prepack.)

If I had other kinds of health problems, I might use some of the other apps available, such as the seizure detector, or the diabetes app, or pulse check.

I only received this yesterday, so it will take a while to see if this really makes a difference to managing my health, but it looks promising.

Oh, and did I mention, it also tells the time?


  1. Amazing ! I'm looking forward to knowing if it makes a difference. xoxo, Claire

  2. So far it's telling me I sleep badly, and exercise too little. But it is making sure I remember to take all my medication on time.


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