Saturday, 31 January 2015

Too Young To Be This Old

I saw a gerontologist this week.

I said to my GP earlier in the week: "I have to see a doctor at a nursing home tomorrow, but I forgot why I made the appointment."

She answered: "It's for your memory."

I said: "That explains why I forgot."

So now, in my late 40s I'm seeing a gerontologist.  Apparently memory problems are the usual reason for younger people to see one.

After I get a brain scan, an MRI and some blood tests, the gerontologist (geriatric physician) may also want me to see a geriatric psychiatrist.

A functioning brain is important, and I really would like to have one.  But still, I don't really feel it's fair that I should be going to a specialist on ageing, not when I'm not really at "retirement age" yet.

To add insult to injury, a stranger said to me today that when she gets old, she wants a cool mobility scooter like mine.

I know lupus does some crazy stuff, but needing to see a gerontologist in my 40s? Lupus, this time, you've gone too far.

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