Monday, 1 December 2014

Maximum Energy

One thing most lupies have in common (and nothing is exactly the same for all of us) is that we have a very limited amount of energy to use in the day.  We have to budget it carefully, and set priorities as to what we will use our precious little bit of energy on.

My daughter observed the other day, that I always seem to have energy for my granddaughter, more than I have for anything else. It's like she's medicine for me.

It's not that I actually have extra energy, just that I am willing to use whatever energy I have with her.  If she needs me, or if she'd like a story read, or to play, I'm always up for grandma duty. Even if I have no energy for anything else all day, I won't miss the chance to spend time with her.

I asked other lupies on the Sometimes, it is Lupus Facebook page whether they also had something that they always found energy for, no matter what.

It turns out I'm not the only one who would use every last bit of energy on someone they loved.  Grandmas said their grandchildren would always get their energy.  Mums said their children would always get their energy.  Other lupies said their partners. Some said they'd always find energy for their friends, while some reported they no longer had friends because they just couldn't find the energy.

Some, of course, said their jobs or housework, because those things were necessary.

Lots of times, lupies find ourselves with no energy left. We push ourselves just that bit beyond our limits - put some energy on the credit card.  Eventually, it catches up.  But some things are too important to miss, even if they mean we will be sick for a while.

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