Monday, 23 June 2014

Handing Over Responsibility

I've done it.
My first medication pre-pack.

I've thought about it for years, and at last, with great trepidation, I've done it.  I've handed over responsibility for my weekly pill sorting task to the local pharmacy.

It was getting to the point of being half way through sorting and saying "did I put in....?"  "have I remembered....?"

So the time had come.

It's $2 a week on top of the regular cost of my medications, so that adds up to about $50 a month, and my fish oil doesn't fit into the pack.  But mostly, it's all done for me.

I picked up my first month's packs today.  Actually my first two months' packs, because I'll be going overseas soon and needed to have some to cover that time as well.

The details of all the medications is listed on the back.  Which is good, because it allows me to still be obsessive. I can obsessively check that they haven't made a mistake, instead of me making a mistake. (I just checked the back, and it says I have one methotrexate tablet on Sunday night.  Actually I'm meant to have two and a half.... so I guess I'm ringing them in the morning to sort it out.)

The days of the week are set out so that tomorrow is the bottom strip of pills. I can take the single strip off and carry it in my handbag if I'm going out.  The next day is the next strip from the bottom, and so on, up the pack, making it easy to separate out the strip of pills for whatever day I am going out.

It may take a little getting used to.  But I'm no longer spending half a day each week sorting out my pills. Maybe once the first bugs are worked out of the system and I'm used to just picking up my pills, ready sorted, each month, I'll even feel comfortable about handing over the responsibility.



  1. Would your fish oil pill fit in the last empty bubble for each day?

    1. I wish it would fit! I've been forgetting to take it.

  2. That's great to free your mind (a little bit), but the amount of pills is pretty impressive ! Claire


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