Sunday, 9 February 2014

Ain't No Cure For The Summertime Blues

Patients For A Moment Blog Carnival this month asks how we patient bloggers are coping with the cold winter.  The person asking is lovely Leslie at Getting Closer to Myself wrote the topic, and she is living in that part of the planet that is reportedly cold at the moment.

As for me, I'm here in Brisbane, about 450km south of the Tropic of Capricorn.  Here, we're in the last month of a long hot summer. I'm having trouble remembering winter. We've had a few record-breaking heatwaves in the past couple of months, and looking at the news, it seems the southern states are all on fire. (There's ten bushfires in Victoria and one in South Australia at the moment. There's been lots more throughout the summer.)

Despite the searing temperatures, this summer has been far less traumatic for me than most.

Normally the summer heat saps my energy and I struggle to even get out of bed. And, to be truthful, that is how I started this summer as well.

This year, however, things changed. This year I said to the world's most awesome landlady, "I think I can afford to get an air conditioner, do you mind if I get one installed in my flat?"

She said she and her husband would get me one.

Summer started miserable, with me seeking shelter in libraries and shopping centers and anywhere else I could avoid the heat. Now, I can stay inside at home through the worst of the day.

Some days have been so bad that the air conditioner has struggled, but most of the time it has made a world of difference. It helped when I learned to turn the air conditioner on before the day got too hot - it's much better at keeping the flat cool than it is at cooling it down after it gets hot. This is my first bearable summer in a very long time.

So despite the horror of summer heat, I'm feeling pretty well, much better than I normally would. That might change when I get my next electricity bill, however. (Next on the agenda: solar power.)

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  1. That's great ! I cannot say that feeling better is priceless, but it's rather worth the price of the electricity bill ; solar power would be ideal (and it looks like there is no lack of sun during the australian summer !) : solar power is first a little bit expensive to install, but the costs are rapidly covered by the economy of electricity expenses. Claire

  2. I am struggling with the heat from central heating at the moment. I seem to be in more pain the hotter I get.

    Great post :)


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