Friday, 3 January 2014

Ikea or Death

There's a game on the internet called Ikea or Death. The idea is to guess which words are the names of Ikea products, and which are the names of death metal bands.

I have my own game, Ikea and Death.  I go Ikea, then I feel like death.

My daughter and son-in-law are getting ready to move, and will need some furniture in their new home that they've been able to do without up until now.

Some of my furniture really doesn't fit at all well in my flat, so I suggested that they take mine (which will suit them far better than it does me) and I would buy myself some new things.

That's how I came to be needing a Bygland and a Jomna. I also thought it would be worth getting a pack of Bevara, because you just never know when they'll come in useful. My daughter was looking for an Akerkulla, which would be very handy for when the baby plays on the floor, and a few other things for their new home.

A little note here - the staff at Ikea Logan were wonderful, and very helpful when two women (one with a walking stick) were trying to wrestle an uncooperative Jomna on to a trolley. Two lovely young men rescued us. Another was very helpful with telling us how to find to find the Bygland and how to arrange delivery.

No, we didn't force the baby to come with us for the endurance test.  She stayed with my son and son-in-law.

Five hours later (an hour of driving and four hours of Ikea-ing), I stumbled back into my flat.

I think I said something like: "I sleep now."

I woke up several hours later, still feeling utterly exhausted. Faced with the need to eat some dinner so I could take pills, I finished my block of Ikea chocolate and had a glass of lactose free milk.

My immediate plans now: go back to bed. After all, my Bygland arrives tomorrow, and I have to find t he energy to assemble it.


  1. Utterly hilarious, but completely true. I suffer from lactose intolerance too :(

  2. Never heard of the Ikea of death game but it certainly makes sense after getting a better taste for the names they like to give their products. My fiancee and I just found our new place and so we are looking at some serious hours of "Ikea-ing" in our immediate future. I hope that staff at our neighborhood's Ikea is as helpful as yours was.


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