Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Say Hello To My Little Friend

Say "hello" to my little friend.
My new, portable tens machine.
(And Mr Woof and Mr Bumpy.)

No, I don't mean the cat or the dog in the picture, but if you want to get to know Mr Bumpy Cat and Mr Woof, you can meet them on www.mrbumpycat.com.

I ordered my new portable tens machine a couple of weeks ago, and have been enjoying trying it out.

Unlike the  big one I've had for quite a while now, it can go anywhere.  Powered by a  9 volt battery, the controller clips on my belt or waist band. I'm not tied to a power outlet.

The electrodes attach to whatever joints are sorest, and the wires feed under my clothes to the controller.

Tens machines produce electrical impulses that interfere with pain signals from the nerves. Instead of pain, the otherwise sore spot just feels a massaging buzz.

How good is it? Well, while my friends upstairs have been on school holidays, I've joined them on a few outings. We've been to the beach, and even for a walk through Ikea. With the tens electrodes placed on my sore hips and lower back, I managed to do it without being in pain. (Yes, I slept for about 36 hours straight after Ikea, but I was only fatigued, not fatigued and in agony.) I also went to a birthday party. (Now you know why you haven't heard from me much over the past couple of weeks.)

As with anything, I can't promise it would work for anyone else.  But I'm gaining a lot of freedom by using it.

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