Tuesday, 16 July 2013

E Health Record

I've just started setting up my eHealth Record.

The theory of this is that the patient gets to control what information is being shared and who it is shared with. It's a way for all medical professionals, with the patient's permission, to access the same record of information about a patient's health, and treatment.

Have you ever got frustrated with doctors who didn't seem to be on the same page? This is supposed to help with that. In theory, if all they keep track of your eHealth record, they all should have an overall picture of your health.

Do you worry that if you're admitted to a hospital in an emergency, you won't be able to give the hospital vital information about your condition, your allergies, medication, treatment, etc?  As long as you have your Medicare card, then a hospital should be able to get to your necessary information in an emergency.

This should be accessible to all hospitals, public or private,  and medical professionals throughout the country, so if you're in another part of Australia on holiday, your eHealth record goes with you.

Image: picture of a Medicare Card.
So what do you need to set it up?

You'll need your Medicare card.

Then go to the eHealth site and follow the instructions.

You may be prompted to set up a MyGov account.  (If you are on a disability pension or other Centrelink payment you may already have one.)

MyGov links all of your federal government on-line services together, to save having to log into each one separately.

You may also be prompted to set up a Medicare Online account.

After that has all been set up, you will be able to go into your eHealth account, and add in your own information on current medications (including non-prescription over-the-counter medications, allergies, contact information, etc.)

Then, next time you see each of your doctors, talk to them about your eHealth record, about what needs to go on it, and who needs to be given access.

For more information on how the eHealth record will help manage chronic illness go to: http://www.ehealth.gov.au/internet/ehealth/publishing.nsf/Content/brochure-chronic.

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  1. It seems to be a very useful tool for people who often has to go to several doctors.


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