Saturday, 8 June 2013

Lupus and Weather

Image of cat snuggled in furry blanket.  Text: Lupus and weather. When it's hot, I'm tired. When it's cold, I'm hurting.It's winter here in Brisbane.

For me, that will mean increasing joint pain as the weather gets colder.

Lots of people with lupus find the weather affects their health. My fatigue increases in hot weather and pain increases with cold weather.  I also find my headaches are worse when there's storms around.

Other people report increased joint pain when it's raining.

For those of you in Queensland, the state government has a subsidy available for concession card holders who have a medical need for air conditioning.  You can get further information on that subsidy here.

The downside to the subsidy (and the reason I'm not trying to claim it), is that you have to already have air conditioning installed in your home to get it. There's no scheme (at least that I can find) to help you get air conditioning installed if you need it.

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