Friday, 19 April 2013

The Bomb Began to Tick...

This is me, 23 years ago and 1800km away.

It was long, long before my lupus was diagnosed, but even then I had been through health problems that most people don't encounter.  I'd had surgery four times by then. I'd had rashes whenever I went out in the sun for about 13 years by then. And I'd had my knees just give out on me after climbing multiple flights of stairs for at least 10 years by then (I'd found out when I went to a high school that that multiple flights of stairs.) Right from childhood, I'd gone through mysterious pains in odd places, that my parents simply believed I was making up - so I hadn't been to a doctor for them. 

My body was a time bomb, and I didn't know it. 

This post written as part of Wego Health's Health Activist Writers' Month Challenge.


  1. i too look at pictures of me in my twenties, and can see what ive been through in my eyes, but noone believed me for another 15yrs... you can almost hear the tick,tick,tick as the years go by...
    but we made it ;)
    thankyou, i love your posts even if i dont usually comment

  2. Wow, I still cant believe that your stories are like my own, we are so similar it freaks me out, bless you xoxoxo


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