Monday, 8 April 2013

The Big, Bad Wolf

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Today's Health Activist Writer's Month Challenge topic asks what animal would represent my condition.

This question's come up in the HAWMC or the National Health Blog Post Month once or twice before.  If you don't remember, check out these posts:

Nov 16, 2012
And regularly, far too regularly, we find that the wolf taken down another of our number. A post on social media, a conversation with another lupus patient, and we find out that the wolf has killed again.
Apr 23, 2012
Health Writer's Month: Facing the Wolf - Alone. Today's topic is: Health Activist Choice Day 2! Write about whatever you like. I'm having coffee tonight, with my ex-boyfriend. That's got me thinking, OK crying, about what I'm ...
Nov 24, 2011
But, we're also taught, through the adventures of Red Riding Hood, Peter and the Wolf, and the Three Little Pigs, that if you're smart, hardworking, have someone strong on your side, or just plain lucky, you can beat the wolf.
Apr 24, 2012
But we read our fairy tales, and we know the big, bad, wolf can be beaten, eventually. Sooner or later the woodsman with the axe will come and rescue us - of course the woodsman is wearing a white coat in a lab somewhere.

Apr 26, 2012
This goes back to the history of where lupus got its name - people thought one of the rashes often involved in lupus looked like a wolf bite. But it's also what lupus is like to live with. It's savage and painful. It totally bites.

The wolf also features on one of my favourite teeshirt designs at the Shirt Shop: the Lupus Bites design.

So, guess which animal I would use to represent lupus? Yep, the big, bad, wolf.  Not a normal, actual, wolf, but the big scary, nightmare, wolf from fairy tales, the one who eats grandmas, and hunts down children and little pigs who build insecure houses. 

Every now and then he seems to give up the hunt for a while, but then he comes back to try to huff and puff and blow my house down. The sound of his voice, and those huge sharp teeth, are very very frightening, but his bite is far worse than his bark.

This post written as part of Wego Health's Health Activist Writers' Month Challenge.

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