Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Close Enough
Well, I don't know whether to blame brain fog or a psychotic computer, but I've lost the prompts for the
Health Activist Writers' Month Challenge. It wasn't on my computer any more when I turned it on yesterday.

So this time around, I'm not finishing the whole challenge, but hey, I made it three-quarters of the way through.

There was a time that not finishing something would have bothered me. That was back when I was a perfectionist, and always expected the best from myself.

Lupus has taught me to accept a lot.

I now know that:

  • It's better to find the easy way to do things.
  • Close enough is usually quite good enough.
  • If the worst consequence of a mistake doesn't actually maim anyone, the mistake wasn't that bad.
  • Procrastination is sometimes a survival mechanism.
  • Not all problems have solutions. So I'm not a failure if I can't solve everything.
  • Plates, cups, etc, even the ones marketed as unbreakable, will break when they randomly attack me. It's just stuff. It doesn't matter.
  • If I can find one good thing about a day - it's a good day.
  • I don't have to be the best at anything I do. It's OK just to be me.
  • Little things are worth being happy about, but not worth getting upset over.
  • Housework is never actually finished, so there's no point in feeling guilty about not getting it all done.
  • I need to find ways to enjoy the life I have now, because any wonderful future I plan might not happen.
  • Even if I don't get out much, the internet enables me to have a social life, and to know some wonderful people.

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