Thursday, 17 January 2013

Looks Like The Robots Are Not Taking Over
I had what I thought was a brainwave.  I'd save up for one of those little robotic vacuum cleaners.  It would take care of the carpets in the new flat, and save me lots of physical work that I really struggle with.

I put my idea on the Sometimes, it is Lupus Facebook Page, and gained some interesting responses, including issues I hadn't thought of.

Here's some the conversation (surnames taken out.)

Sometimes, it is Lupus I'm considering saving for one of those robotic vacuum cleaners. What do you think? Easier, less painful way to accomplish a challenging household task? Or: expensive trip hazard l would fall over and break within the first week?

Ashley I need one to

Sara I know someone that had one and the dog kept attacking it and breaking it...they kept getting the company to replace it till the company realized what was going on

Sometimes, it is Lupus l hadn't thought of the dog factor.

Joke I'd love to have one !

Kelly Coxon-Long I was thinking of getting one too

Maria I have one and don't care for it. If you have stuff on the floor of course it can't clean around it very well, like chaires and tables, and other furniture. I find it just as easy and less annoying to use a light stick vacuum or broom for bare floors.

Cathy  Maria, your dogs would eat it up the first day, thinking it's a rodent or something that they have to chase down and destroy! LOL

Cathy  hard flooring... nothing is easier than a dust mop. Carpet... get someone else to do it... kids, hubby... or if you can afford it, a house cleaner. Vacuuming carpet is one of the hardest things when you ache. I don't have Lupus, but I do have fibro, arthritis and muscles that were torn in a car accident, so I understand a bit.

Joey  Don't do it, PIA bend over more times than ya would if ya sweep or vacuumed , took mine back

Donna I think it will be bumping into more stuff than vacuuming. LOL!

Brenda  They don't work well at all. Really not worth the money.

Maria  Donna, you are right, it is constantly bumping into stuff, and it becomes terribly annoying.

Deb  I picked up a 3 in 1 bissel light weight vac. It is basically a dust buster with a handle. works pretty good even on the pet hair. I have 3 kids a dog and a cat and could not do the big vacuum every day anymore. so now I use the light weight bissel and my hunny does the big vac once a week. Working out much better

Heather Thanks everyone! I was debating getting one. Don't think I will now.

Sometimes, it is Lupus Thinking l probably won't, either,

Amanda Parents had one, not good idea I would say, nice idea if they worked good but from what I've seen I wouldn't x x

As you can see, other people  like me, who hadn't had one, thought they might be a good idea.  People who did have experience of them however, did not think they were useful at all. It was interesting that no-one who had actually tried one had anything good to say about them.  So it's back to Plan B - try to train my 18 year old to use a vacuum cleaner.

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