Wednesday, 12 September 2012


The coffee walnut cake.
Just at the moment, I'm sure I can feel every single cell in my body - and they're all sore and tired.

My daughter turned 21 yesterday. (For me, the 11th of September is about my little girl, whatever it means for the rest of the world.)

Monday, I spent making her birthday cake. There was a time when making a cake was just something I did when I was doing other things.  Now, it's an entire day's project.

She wanted a coffee cake - something I didn't have a recipe for. I used a basic butter cake recipe (gluten free, so I could share it), and instead of the milk, used a mix of low-fat Greek yoghurt, and espresso. I added in a handful of chopped walnuts for some extra flavour.

Yesterday, I had a meeting for work in the morning, and dinner at a restaurant for her birthday last night.  It was a good night.  The food was good, the atmosphere was good.  But by the end of the night, everyone could see I was struggling. (Even my ex-husband noticed that I wasn't well, which is astounding.)

Today? Well, I had to get up and eat breakfast so I could take my pills. Now, I'm going back to bed. I'm cancelling today. Maybe tomorrow, I'll actually have a day.

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