Saturday, 11 August 2012

Plans Change

I woke up this morning, hitting about an eight on the pain scale.  By the time I'd had breakfast so I could take my pills, and swallowed some extra pain relief, it was down to about a six or seven.

I was meeting a friend this evening. I texted him to say  I wouldn't make it. We haven't been able to catch up for a while, and he was keen to meet up anyway. Would I like to just watch a DVD instead of going out?

I said no, what I wanted to do was curl up and die.

He texted back,  maybe I'd feel better later in the day, he'd text this afternoon to see if I was up to going out.

I replied that my joints were in so much pain I was vomiting - that wasn't going to be better by tonight.

I feel guilty when I have to cancel plans with friends because of pain or fatigue. It's bad enough without people doing their best to "convince" me I'm going to be OK.  I've had lupus long enough to know that  if I'm this sick in the morning, the rest of the day isn't going to improve a lot. To have any hope of things being better tomorrow, I need to take things easy today.

Good friends know I'll try to make it up to them when I'm better. But some other people just don't seem to understand.

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