Monday, 23 July 2012

I've just been to the doctor for my 45 year old health check (it's only a year late.)

It's a government initiative to screen people for possible issues.

Even though I see the GP fortnightly, and she has a fair idea of everything that's happening, we still did the series of tests.

The results?

I'm in the median range of risk to develop type 2 diabetes. I'm overweight (no surprise.) My heart and blood pressure look good.

And... my cholesterol, which has always sat on around 5 (normal), has suddenly become 7.6 (high.)  The doctor asked if there was any change to my diet. Like what? Did I suddenly start eating saturated fats? No. I eat a lot of fat - because I take nine fish oil capsules per day - but that is a monounsaturated fat.  I eat dairy products for calcium and minerals, but always opt for low-fat versions (as well as lactose-free). I cut the visible fats off meats on the rare occasions I eat meat.

So what has happened? I don't know. The doctor says the other option, if I didn't start eating saturated fats, is that my body's producing it. There could be an issue with my liver.We're retesting my cholesterol in three months, to see what changes. Hopefully, this bad result will be a one-off. But, just in case, you can be sure I'l be extra-diligent about my food between now and then.

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