Thursday, 29 March 2012

Weight Loss Group: Easter!

My weight: last week 90kg; this week 89.6kg.

This week, it seems to make sense that our weight loss group should look at Easter looming large ahead of us.

For me, the point of Easter is actually a very serious religious festival. But it seems that we can't celebrate it now without chocolate. In fact, one company insists that it's only Easter if it involves their chocolate.

I actually disagree with that. The best Easter eggs I've ever been given were hard-boiled eggs that someone had gone to the trouble of hand-decorating for me.

But aside from that, in the world we live in, we are most likely to be given chocolate. And with the long weekend, and the chance of get-togethers, we're probably going to be exposed to other foods that aren't really everyday foods.

So what do we do? Well, remember the chocolate is OK - in small amounts. The trick is to eat it mindfully - make the most of the little bit we eat. Remember our mindfulness exercise, from a couple of weeks ago? We actually used chocolate as the example and found that if we really paid attention to what we were eating, we could be satisfied with a very little bit of chocolate. So, with the chocolate you're given, have a very small bit each day, and enjoy it thoroughly. If you're given a lot it will take you a long time to get through, but there's  nothing wrong with that.

For other foods - especially if we're going out to dinners or parties over the long weekend, the same rules as  eating out at restaurants apply.

If you know what your choices are ahead of time, that helps you make the decision when the food isn't all in front of you. Once you've made a decision, stick to it.

If you're taking a plate to a party - make sure what you take is healthy food, that way you'll know there will be at least one healthy option available.

Don't go out starving - have a light snack, something like a salad, before you go if you're in danger of wolfing down everything without even noticing what you're eating.

Alternate drinks like wine with sparkling water or diet soft drink - keeps your head clearer as well as minimising calories.

But most of all remember, even if you go over your calories, you haven't failed, unless you give up trying.  If you go over on your calories, all you have to do is minimise the damage as much as you can with your other choices on that day, and start fresh the next day. The person who puts the food in your mouth is you. If you can lose control, you can find it again!

Happy Easter everyone!

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