Saturday, 18 May 2013

Will DisabilityCare Australia Cover Lupus?

I've had a response to my request for information on whether the National Disability Insurance Scheme, now named DisabilityCare Australia, will support people with lupus.

It's a definite "maybe". DisabilityCare Australia is aimed at supporting people with severe disabilities, so whether, and how much, it will support anyone is decided on a case-by-case basis.

A spokesperson from the Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs said: "Eligibility for support will not be defined by diagnosis of a particular disability but by an assessment of an individual’s capacity and their need for care and support and whether the person’s needs are best met by DisabilityCare Australia and not more appropriately met by other systems, such as the health care system.

"There isn’t a list of who is in and who is out because the scheme is designed to be about what an individual can do and what they need to function.

"Likewise, the support provided through DisabilityCare will be based on an individual’s needs.

"DisabilityCare Australia staff will work closely with people with disability participating in the scheme to develop a personal plan that funds reasonable and necessary supports to meet their needs, goals and aspirations taking. In deciding what supports are reasonable and necessary to fund, consideration will be given as to what supports other systems such as the health system might more appropriately provide to the person."

The scheme is being rolled out gradually throughout Australia, beginning with selected regions of New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania.  Next year, it will be starting in the Australian Capital Territory and the Northern Territory.

It will be rolled out across Queensland by 2019.

For more information on DisabilityCare Australia, go to the NDIS website:

Other government supports which may help people with lupus are listed in my earlier post: Support for Chronic Illness.

Video: Prime Minister Julia Gillard announces launch of DisabilityCare Australia

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