Thursday, 30 May 2013

Lupus Hands

Picture of a hand.I've been thinking about my hands....

My hands used to hit boards and break them,
Now they drop plates and break them.

My hands typed the final draft of a Masters' Thesis in a couple of days.
Now a blog post leaves them tired.

My hands used to be able to play guitar for hours,
Now they last a few minutes, and hit wrong notes when the fingers don't stretch quite far enough.

My hands used to be constantly moving, creating, doing craft, painting, drawing.
Now they do a little and get sore and need to rest, and none of the work is as fine and as detailed as it used to be.

My hands used to be able to lift and carry things.
Now I use a Kindle because so many real books get too heavy for my hands to hold after a while.

My hands, like most of my body, got old far too young.


  1. I feel your pain. I always wanted to quilt. Sometimes it is just too much.

  2. Mine look just like that. Loose skin from prednisone and lumps from synovitis and artheritis.

  3. As always, your posts seem to have a lasting effect on me Iris. However, I believe that I will be thinking about for some time to come. I am young which means that there a number of things that inevitably take for granted in my life. Your words make me want to re-evaluate the things in my life, so I can be sure that I show them the appreciation they deserve while I have them.


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