Monday, 27 May 2013

Business of the Week: Levity Layne

This week's Lupus Business Directory Business of the Week is:

Levity Layne
Bamboo Fabric Breastfeeding Covers
Owner/Manager Kerri Bryson (Lupus)

Kerri explains the reason for making her breast feeding covers in this excerpt from her site.....


I have two fantastic sons and a wonderful husband. I’m a working mum and after breastfeeding both of my boys I found there were a few obstacles feeding in public. There were no covers around at the time I was breastfeeding my boys so I used baby blankets and throws to try to cover up while I was feeding as I was not confident to feed in public with no cover up. The frustrating thing was trying to keep the blanket over me so I wasn’t exposed but trying to pull my top down at the back to cover up. Then years later I was working in a baby store and listened to a lot of frustrated mums with the same problems as I had all those years before. So with a bit of thought I came up with my breastfeeding cover. I started selling at markets and had a great response. So with a little bit more thought and research I found that the best fabric for my covers was the Eco Friendly BAMBOO fabric. Now we have just launched our covers at the 2011 Perth-PBC Expo with a great response.

Thanks for you time.
Kind Regards
Kerri Bryson

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