Saturday, 1 April 2017

The Autoimmune Research and Resource Centre

Autoimmune Research and Resource Centre brochures.
The Autoimmune Resource and Research Centre does the most adorable brochures about autoimmune diseases.

They're meant to appeal to children, but I have to admit as a 50 year old, I love them.

The lupus one features an emu with a malar rash.  No-one is emu-ne to lupus, after all.

These adorable brochures are available to download from their website, so you can use them if you're raising awareness of lupus or other autoimmune diseases in your area.

They have some other great resources available as well.

You might be interested in their information DVDs, or getting together with them in one of their cafe conversations in NSW, ACT and now QLD as well. If you have Raynaud's you might be interested in the gloves and socks they sell.  The research they undertake, and sponsor, also provides some interesting reading.

For people have lupus, or any other autoimmune disease, it's a great idea to explore their site, and see what other treasures you can find.  Oh, and you can become a member for free.

Sadly, although I heard at Lupus 2017 Patient Information day that the Emu from the lupus brochure is available for sale as a soft toy - I couldn't find a way to order her from the website.  I've now made it my life's goal to acquire that adorable emu.

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  1. Those brochures are very well done, and I must admit : the emu is adorable indeed ! Claire


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