Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Give Aways - Lupus Care Packs

The contents of the lupus care packs.
A couple of weeks ago, I told you about lovely Corry Ang who brought lovely Lupus Care Packs to Lupus 2017.

It was an absolutely lovely gift for all of us.

I've received a message from Corry, who tells me you could have one if you like, too.

She has about fifty packs left over.

If you would like one, email your address to:
lupuscarecommunity@gmail.com or visit the her website for more information: www.lupuscarecommunity.wordpress.com.

(Remember, Corry is in Australia.  I don't know if she is able to send overseas.)

Of course, if you know a lupie who really needs a lift, you could email their address to Corry as well.

Corry has put a lot work, time, money, and organisation into these beautiful packs, to show some love and support to the lupus community.

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