Thursday, 21 February 2013

Setting The Goals

Sometimes, the only way to achieve something is to set a definite goal - not just, I will do better at something, but that I will do something I can measure to know I've achieved it and set a time limit.
Once I moved, and realised I could at last afford my rent, and not keep getting further into debt, I looked at my finances.  I have a plan now to be out of debt by the end of 2016.  That's without missing out on anything I really need, and starting to save to cover anything unexpected.

To do that, I've had to sacrifice some things that I know I can live without, for example, I've dropped the hospital cover from my health insurance, and now only have extras cover.  If I need hospital care, I will go to the public system.  Throughout my adult life, whenever I have had enough income, I have private health insurance, otherwise I have counted on the public system.  To me, it's an ethical choice, if I can afford a private hospital, I'll leave a space free in the public system for someone who really needs it, but when I can't afford the private system, I don't feel guilty about taking my place in the public system. I've been a patient in both, and have to say I've actually found the public system far superior.

I'm also saving money by simply spending more time at home, eating all my meals here, inviting friends here for coffee instead of meeting them out, and not using the car as much.

How not to lose weight -
There's another goal I needed to set, and absolutely must achieve. With continual reminders from my doctors about my weight, and now not needing to escape my home to get out of the heat constantly, I can start to address the basics of food and exercise. It's time to set the weight goal as well.  I will be a healthy weight (for me, that's the range between 52kg to 62kg) by the end of 2016.  Again, that's enough time to allow for some setbacks, lupus flares, etc.

My plan is quite simple.  I need to go back to and follow the program carefully.  I need to make sure I know what I'm eating and how much, and that I'm doing sufficient exercise. Because the flat is cooler and more comfortable, I'm able to spend the time in the kitchen to cook healthy meals.

I've started to exercise, with a daily walk around the block with my old dog.  (Calorie King also counts housework as exercise, so that also contributes.)

Three years seems like a long time, but with both of these goals, the only way to achieve them is the long, slow, way.  And the time to get started is right now.


  1. I really like this site , thanks for all the great info. i too have lupus and find it hard to manage financially. i work full time doing night shift as a carer in a nursing home. i seem to only make ends meet , which is quite stressful. i'm currently going through a 'flare up' and am constantly in pain more from the hips down. i cant leave my job , i love it. i cant afford to use the gym , but know my weight is a big factor in how bad my flare up knocks've bought my first swimming costume in 30 years !!! my plan is to take up swimming ( i cant walk more than my shifts these days ) so i can start getting gentle excersise...its a start :-)

    1. Weight and money seem to be such a horrible problem for so many of us.

      You're a champion to be working full-time even during a flare.

      Congratulations on the swimming togs! (I have to confess, I haven't unpacked mine since the move, so going back to hydrotherapy has to be high on my "to do" list.)

      Any start is a great start. For us, it's always a balance between doing enough and resting enough. Take it gently, remember no matter how small it seems, any little achievement is worth celebrating.

  2. Best of luck to you!!!! I don't even try to budget!!! Every time I do, I always get sick and then there is co-pays and meds. How do you budget for things like that?


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