Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Energy Level Critical

Image: sleeping kangaroo.  Text: It's all fun and games, until you get to 3pm and don't have energy for the rest of the day.I've been doing things lately.

When I say "doing things", I don't mean things like running marathons. (That's what my sister does for fun.)

I mean things like going to the shops, or sewing, or giving a speech at Toastmasters, or spending 15 minutes gardening.

The trouble with doing things, is that it takes energy.

My brain says, "What a great day to get something done."

My body says, "Fine, but when do we sleep?"

When we sleep has been about 4.30pm quite often lately.  My son wakes me up about 7pm for pills, and I go back to sleep until morning.

Today, I've reached 2.30pm and I'm wondering if I'll make it to 4.30.  But hey, I've got some things done.  If you visited me you might not notice what those things were, but let me assure you some things have definitely been done.

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