Tuesday, 15 December 2020

Anti-inflammatory Diet

 For years, I've been hearing about various anti-inflammatory diets, and even seen a list of foods graded on an inflammatory scale.  I haven't shared any of them with you because, I haven't been able to find any research backing any of it.

Well, here's the holy grail.  It's an anti-inflammatory diet that's based on the latest research.

Dr Donald Thomas, the rheumatologist who brought us the Lupus Encyclopedia (review here), has shared the diet he shares with his own patients, which is based on research. He cites his sources, so you can check them out for yourself.

You can find it on his blog, here:https://www.lupusencyclopedia.com/blog/latest-anti-inflammatory-diet-for-lupus-and-other-autoimmune-diseases

He does warn it's only for people who can afford to lose weight.  So it's no help for anyone who is underweight.  (Although I am always struggling with being overweight, I know lupies come in all shapes and sizes.)

I looked at it and thought, I will start on it in the new year.  Then I looked again, realised how easy it would be to make those adjustments to my diet, and decided to do it now.  It's really not greatly different from my current diet, except that I eat far more meat.  I've been vegetarian before, so I can handle the reduction in meat. 

There are some foods in my kitchen that are incompatible with this diet, and I will use them over time.  I will allow myself the occasional deviation so I'm not wasting food I already have in my freezer, or so that I can enjoy whatever is available when I'm out.

So lovely lupies, even though I'm only two days in to trying it for myself, I recommend you have a look. As always, if you're unsure, your best advisers are your own GP and your rheumatologist, immunologist or other specialist.

I also recommend keeping an eye on Dr Thomas' blog, https://www.lupusencyclopedia.com.

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