Friday, 20 March 2020

Things to Do While Being Physically Distant

Well, lovely lupies,  we were already super-careful about infectious diseases, then COVID-19 came along and ramped the risks up.  If, like me, you're avoiding going out unless you absolutely have to, you might want something to keep you occupied at home. And if, like me, you have no money, you might want those things to be free (or dirt cheap.)

So here's some suggestions:

  • Visit the some of the world's best art galleries (virtually) at Google Arts and Culture
  • Catch some live London Theatre at What's on Stage.
  • Other live theatre is  available at Filmed on Stage.
  • Go to the ballet.  Here's 12 Ballet Performances you can Watch Right Now.
  • Watch some of Europe's best Opera performances at OperaVision.
  • Read a free ebook from Project Guttenberg. If there's not enough choices there, go to Nothing in the Rulebook, for a list of 45 places you can download free ebooks.
  • If you prefer to have someone read a book to you, listen to an audio book from LibriVox.
  • Learn something new with one of 1,500 free online courses at Open Culture.  This one also has free courses for kids K-12 (which could be helpful if the schools close), as well as movies and ebooks.
  • Learn to paint. Monte Mart has free online lessons.
  • Plant a vegetable garden.  (I'm doing this - it's going to take a while, because I manage about five minutes of physical labour before I'm exhausted and have to rest for the rest of the day.) You can buy seeds cheaply online, or here are 25 Foods you Can Regrow Yourself from Kitchen Scraps.
  • Want to join in the Adult Colouring craze?  Just Colour has 1,500 free colouring pages.
  • If you like my writing, buy my books from any online bookshop, or direct from the publisher.
  • Write your own book. Paint, sew, do some craft, catch up on all the odd jobs you've been putting off around the house or garden.
  • Tired of being inside? Grab your hat and sunblock and go for a walk. Just choose somewhere that's quiet, and keep your distance from other people you see on the path.
  • Go for a drive.  When my kids were younger, we'd go for drives in the bush, and every time we saw cattle, we'd yell "Cow!". The kids called it "cowing".  It may not suit everyone's taste, but we used to laugh ourselves silly. A variation is the "bear hunt" that's being shared on Facebook.  People put teddy bears in their windows, so families can drive around looking for bears.
  • Have a family picnic - again, just choose somewhere quiet, away from other people. As the social distancing gets more serious, I suggest your own back yard.
  • Keep in contact with your family and friends, use telephone, Face Time, social media, mail, email, or carrier pigeon.  Do whatever it takes to be socially close with your loved ones, while being physically distant from everyone.
  • Missing going to church?  The Uniting Church has a list of its congregations which are live streaming services.  If you're not UCA, your denomination may have something similar. Check their social media postings for information.
  • You can go to the zoo, with Mangolink Live Animal Cams and Videos, or Zoos Victoria.

Note: I will update this post from time to time, as I find or think of other things.

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