Monday, 16 March 2020

Social Distancing

Source: Queensland Health
Australia is being invaded, the enemy, COVID-19 is invading multiple other countries as well.  Different nations are handling the pandemic differently.

Australia has been acting to slow down the progress of the disease, isolating cases of people who have been proved to have the disease, and now isolating people arriving in Australia.

Sooner or later, the disease will start to transfer from person to person in the community, and the government is trying to get ahead of that, calling for gatherings of more than 500 people to be cancelled.  Other countries, where the disease has further progressed, such as the USA, there is a recommendation to cancel gatherings of more than 50.  In Austria, the limit is five people.

Everywhere, social distancing is being recommended.

We're also being told that a coronavirus is basically a form of influenza, and young, fit, healthy people really don't have much to be worried about.  But let's not forget, that in World War One, the Spanish Flu killed far more people than the fighting. For lots of people this is nothing much to worry about.  For others it can be deadly.

The people who are most at risk of COVID-19 being a serious, or fatal, illness are the elderly, and people with chronic health conditions.

That means, lupies and others like us, who have dodgy immune systems, need to be a little more careful than other people.

If everyone could be trusted to self-quarentine when they are exposed to the condition, we wouldn't really have to worry.  But as the whole thing with panic buying of toilet paper has shown, people can be quite stupid and selfish. Some will catch the disease, feel quite OK, and be happy to risk our lives by going out in public.

Source: Queensland Health
The main thing I plan to do to protect myself, is avoid people as much as possible.  I'm going into hiding. After months of staying indoors to avoid bushfire smoke (I have mild asthma, and my son/carer has worse) we're now avoiding going out to avoid coronavirus.  Now, however, we can at least go out to the back yard, and even walk the dog, so in some ways things have improved.

I'm going to go to ordering groceries online, to avoid supermarkets.  That means dealing with a delivery driver, who I can only hope will be healthy, and with bringing things into my home,  bearing in mind COVID-19 can stay on surfaces for up to two or three days. So I'm probably going to wipe all my deliveries down with disinfectant where possible.

I was pleased to note that supermarkets are starting to have special shopping times for people who are more vulnerable, although disappointed that in some states, they're ceasing home delivery.

If home delivery is cancelled here, I will take advantage of the special shopping hour, or go in times I know from experience are quieter.

There are some things I absolutely have to go out for.  I still have to go to the doctor, the pharmacy, and for blood tests.  The best I can do with that is to choose the times I know they are less busy.

I will avoid public transport.  I have to see my specialist next month.  I usually catch a train to Brisbane for that appointment, this time, I'll go by car.

To vote in the upcoming local council elections, I've applied for a postal vote.

There are only two regular gatherings of people I normally go out for: writers' group and church.  The writers' group has been cancelled. I've decided to stop going to church until the crisis passes or a vaccine is available.

For the most part, I've been living most of my social life on line for years, so things are really not changing much.

So lovely lupies, over the next few months, let's wash our hands obsessively, make sure our meds don't run low, hope and pray for the best, keep in contact on line, and get through this the best we can.

For a complete explanation of social distancing, go to: coronavirus-covid-19-information-on-social-distancing.pdf

For latest information from World Health Organisation on COVID-19, go to:


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  1. Same thing here. Online groceries are overwhelmed, and you have to wait for two weeks to get your stuff if you order today. Teachers are on duty to take care of small groups of children who cannot stay home because their parents are working in the medical field. Keep calm, stay away from others, wash your hands, and stay safe <3


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