Monday, 3 April 2017

One-stop Lupus Information Source

The Lupus Foundation of America
has launched a new Resource Centre
for information on lupus.
What would you do if you'd run a magazine specialising in lupus for a number of years, and gathered tons of information that could be useful to people all over the world?

Well what the Lupus Foundation of America did, was create a massive collection in one space of articles relating to all kinds of things related to lupus.

The Resource Centre on Lupus has a menu to give you a number of overall categories to choose from.  Once you select that, you can will be taken to a list of what's available in that area. You can sort by a more specific topic, or by a type of resource.  Or you can just look all through the list to find something that might be what you're looking for.

The Resource Centre has about 600 medically-reviewed articles on lupus to help keep you informed of just about anything you might want to know.

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