Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Maybe I Should Ease Into This

Have you tried the Lupus Exercise program from Syasmi Dhuha I told you about the other day?

I did it two days in a row.

The first day I felt really good.  The exercises did seem to help with my pain, and I had more energy for the rest of the day.  I got so much done that day, without too much pain, and with lots of energy.

The second day, I felt quite good.  I was a little better at the exercises, and paid more attention, realising that I was working even those bothersome small joints - fingers, wrists, ankles.  I got a fair bit done that day.

Today I crawled out of bed and realised something: it might be better if I ease into anything new, even something that is lupus-specific.  I'm taking a break today and tomorrow.

Then I'm going to start again.  Initially, I'll do the exercises every third day.  When I can handle that consistently, I'll bring it down to alternate days.  The aim is still to get to the point of exercising every day, but I'm going to get there slowly, over time. Oh, and I still have to remember to not overdo things on the days I feel good.

This really is a great exercise routine.  As I said earlier, it was designed by doctors specifically for people with lupus.  It's a low-impact exercise routine that gently works all of the joints and muscles.  It's really, really, good.  And, eventually, I'll get to do it every day.  Maybe you'll join me.

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