Saturday, 1 April 2017

Lupus Care Packs

Corry Ang (right) and Iris Carden,.
There were so many amazing people at Lupus 2017 Patient Information Day,  I'd like you to "meet" lovely lupie
Corry Ang who arrived with gifts for everyone.

Corry has put together Lupus Care Packs, which contain some of the things she has found most useful.

They include a heat pack, peppermint tea, epsom salts for soaking sore joints, and a stimulating shower gel.

She's been organised, raised funds and negotiated discounted prices on the products, to be able to give them away.

If you want to know more, check out her website Lupus Care Community.

Lupus affects us all differently, but we're all in it together.  It's wonderful that there are so many people like Corry who are inspired to reach out and care for others who are finding our own ways to live with the wolf.

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  1. What a smart and lovely idea ! Claire

  2. Hi Iris, Just finally found the time and strength to do all the things I need to do!
    Thank you very much for this post. I just want to let you and your readers know as well that I still have about 50+ lupus care bags to giveaway, so if they would like one, I can post to them as well :)

    They can email their address to: or visit the blog for more info of what the care pack consists of :



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