Tuesday, 28 March 2017

The United Nations of Lupus

Just a quick check in because it's been a very long day.

This afternoon at Lupus 2017, I got to represent Lupus Association Queensland at a meeting of representative of lupus groups from around the world. We had people from Denmark (representing the peak body of European lupus groups), the Philippines, Indonesia, Trinidad and Tobago, Ghana, the USA, Canada, and of course here in Australia.

I have a photo to show you - but I'm having technical difficulties here in the hotel room.  I'll share it when I get back.

We heard about a goldmine of lupus resources, and some of the plans for World Lupus Day.  I'll update you on everything when I get back to Ipswich.

Tomorrow is the Patient Information Day, and you'll be hearing about that over the next days and weeks as well.

I hope all our lovely lupies in the north of Queensland are safe today.


  1. So glad you are finding Lupus 2017 worthwhile. We are looking forward to the patient education event! See you there!

  2. How interesting ! I am looking forward for the next informations. Claire


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