Thursday, 19 January 2017

It makes a difference
You might have seen online a picture of a woman whose mobility scooter has tipped over, leaving her stuck against supermarket shelves.

Her story is here.

In short, she is a woman with a spinal condition that prevents her standing and walking for any length of time.  She was buying groceries for her family, and her scooter overturned while she was reaching for her husband's favourite soft drink.

Someone (a stranger) nearby took a photo and uploaded it to the internet to make fun of her.

I'd like to contrast that to the day my mobility scooter overturned.

It was year or so ago, at a theme park.  I had my little granddaughter on the scooter with me, and was following my daughter who was walking a little ahead of us.

She walked over a small bridge, and without thinking, I followed.  The bridge was too steep, and the scooter turned over.  I did what I could to protect the baby from being hurt as we went over.

As with the woman in the photo, it happened in a public place with strangers around.

What those strangers did was: help me up, check I was OK, picked up the scooter and checked it was OK, reassured me that the baby was fine. Nobody took photos.  I don't know those people who helped, but I'll always remember their actions with gratitude.

As frightening as my experience was, I'm sure it was much better than the experience of the lady in the picture.

That being the case, I'd like to make a recommendation to anyone who reads this.  When you see someone in trouble (whether they have a disability or not) please behave like a decent human being, not a total jerk. It makes a difference.


I am the woman in the picture and this is what it was like:

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