Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Keeping the Bucket Close
After a week of vomiting constantly, I am now taking an extra three anti-nausea drugs, and the doctor has said I can drop by up to twice a day for an injection of another anti-nausea drug.

I've spent the past week on lying on the couch, bucket beside me, marathoning Pretty Little Liars.  If you haven't seen it imagine a soap opera with a body count, or a teen slasher film extended into a very long and endlessly complicated television series.

It was mindless stuff, which is usually exactly what I need when I'm too sick to care about anything in real life.

When I started to come out of the worst of this, I took a look online to see if there were any more series after the six I'd seen on Netflix.

That's when I discovered that one of the actors, Ian Harding, (Ezra Fitz the teacher who has an inappropriate relationship with a student through most of high school),  is involved with the Lupus Foundation of America (but not in any inappropriate way).

Apparently his mum's a lupie, too. Hopefully, she didn't throw up the whole time she watched the show.

Lupies: we're everywhere.

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