Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Even More Adventures of Lupie in the Fog

Image: brain scan.  Text: Not crazy, just lupie!The trouble with brain fog is that sometimes I think what I'm doing is perfectly sensible.

So this morning I made coffee.  Quite a sensible thing to do.

I cleaned the coffee maker, took out the basket for the ground coffee, emptied it, washed it out and left it on the side of the sink.

I washed out the water jug, and used it to refill the machine then sat it on the hot plate.

I poured coffee beans into the grinder attachment of the Kenwood Chef, and ground the beans nicely.

Then I tipped the ground beans into the coffee maker.  They went straight through, over the jug, and spread all over the bench.

That's when I saw the basket for the coffee grounds, still sitting on the side of the sink.

I've now cleared enough of the debris to be able to start again, but I will need coffee before I can think clearly enough to clean the kitchen properly.

This is what lupus does.  I am intelligent woman.  I have a couple of degrees to prove it, and I have had a couple of careers that required a bit of brainpower, as well as having raised kids.  But now... now I can't be trusted to make coffee without supervision.

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