Friday, 18 March 2016

Quick Walking Stick Trick

Image: Walking stick handle, covered with tennis racquet handle tape, and with gadget for hanging on table.
Saved! My favourite walking stick,
with tennis racquet tape over the
broken foam padding.
It was a sad day when the foam padding the handle of my favourite walking stick finally started to
fall apart.

After searching everywhere for either a replacement piece of foam, or an identical stick, I came up with something a little different.

I went into a sports shop. That's something that doesn't happen often.  And I bought the tape that goes on the handle of a tennis racquet.

It could have replaced the foam, but I put it on over the foam, pulling the broken bits back together as I went.

This works! My favourite stick has been saved, and it's just as comfortable to use as it was before the foam started to come apart.

Oh, the little thing attached to the stick near the base of the handle allows the stick to be balanced on the edge of a table - so I can just pop my stick on the table beside me when I have coffee out or whatever. You can usually find them at pharmacies. (Brain fog won't let me remember what the gadget is called, but if you tell the pharmacy staff what it does, they will know what you mean.)

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  1. Well done, you did a good job ! Your stick is ready for new adventures !


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