Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Crossing The Line

Image: yellow marigold.  Text: I wish I could actually see the fine line between doing things and overdoing things.There is a fine, very fine, microscopic even, line between doing things when I feel fairly well, and over-doing things and making myself unwell again.  I may have crossed the line a little.  Hopefully, only a little and I will get back on track after a day or two of rest.

What did I do wrong?  I broke my own rule of only doing one "big" thing a day.  For me a "big" thing is pretty much anything I have to leave the house for.

On Monday,  I walked my dog (one "big" thing), and because I was feeling quite good, and because she was really having a great time, we went quite a bit further than usual.  We must have been out at least 15 or 20 minutes.

Then I went to my first ever Toastmasters' meeting.  (Well, feeling relatively well made it a good time to further my plans to get out and meet people, but this was a second "big" thing.) From there, I went to coffee with some of the Toastmasters' members ("big" thing number three).

When I came home I crashed.  It was a very long sleep, and I still didn't feel quite right.

On Tuesday,  I had a Writers' Circle meeting.  Which I went to, and thoroughly enjoyed.

For my dog's exercise, we played our version of fetch.  It involves her running around madly with a squeaky toy for five or ten minutes, letting me get the toy to throw, lolloping off after it with a dumb grin, running around with it for another five or ten minutes before I throw it again.  It's good, she gets half an hour's cardio, while I only have to throw a squeaky toy three times.

By Tuesday afternoon, I had taken extra pain pills, and my son suggested that for our grocery day (Wednesday/today) maybe we should just order on-line to have our groceries delivered, instead of me going out again. I assured him I would be fine, after all I do seem to be just about over this flare.

This morning?  I got up, ordered the groceries on-line, and the dog and I went back to bed.  My son graciously refrained from saying he told me so.

If anyone's looking for me today, if I happen to actually be awake, I'll be in the studio, writing or sewing, anything that's relaxing and doesn't take any real physical effort. Oh, and at some stage, I'll probably toss a squeaky dog toy down the hallway a couple of times (at least one of us should get some exercise.)

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  1. I know how you feel. I have Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and UCTD. Some days getting a shower is my big thing :/ I love being able to get out though. I hope you get rested up and feel like walking the dog soon :)


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