Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Tell Me Your Story

Image: pink rose. Text: "You can't always see "sick".  Some things are invisible.You may remember that in 2013 my World Lupus Day project here was the Warrior's Wall. I asked
you to tell me briefly what you wanted the world to know about lupus, and many of you very brave lovely lupies sent in your photos and comments.

This year, I want to do a project that will go all through May.  I want your stories in a longer format.  Throughout May I want to share posts written by lupies who read this blog.

I  don't want to tell you exactly what to write about, but some ideas might be:

  • Life before/after lupus. What changed?
  • How has your family responded to your condition?
  • Adventures in brain fog or pain or fatigue, or any other symptom.
  • What do you wish you'd known when you were first diagnosed?
  • Who are your heroes? How do they inspire you as you deal with lupus day by day?
  • What do you think when you think about the future?
  • Is it "better" to have a visible or invisible illness?
  • What do you use for strength to get through the bad days?
  • What's the best way to make the most of a good day?
  • Have you found a way to do some everyday tasks that is less painful/fatiguing?
  • Whatever else you'd like to share with the world in a blog post.
  • If you have a blog, facebook page or other place where you talk about lupus that you would like to share, please include the link.
Please try to keep it to 1000 words or less.  (A bit more than the 100 word limit I gave you in 2013.)

Email your post and your photo, with your name, country and year diagnosed to:
iris@sometimesitislupus.com.  Please send it by the end of April, so I know if I'm publishing one a week, one a day, five a day, or whatever throughout the month.    (Oh, usually, I ask for just your first name, but this is a whole blog post, so whole name would be great - but just first name is still OK if you're a bit shy.)  Please put "My Story" as the heading on your email.  

I'm looking forward to reading stories from lots of lovely lupies. The more the merrier.

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  1. That's a wonderful idea to show the world in how many different ways lupus can change somebody's life.


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