Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Coming Out of a Flare (Hopefully)

Image: Purple flowers. Text: Either I'm coming out of a flare, or I'm deluding myself.Something's changed just in these past couple of days.  Maybe longer, but I've actually noticed it the past couple of days.

I've been getting more done before becoming exhausted.

At first, I started having the energy to post more frequently on this blog.  It had been more and more sporadic as I found myself more and more fatigued and sleeping most of the day.

I started finding the energy to take the dog for a short walk some days, and to face my overgrown garden and start to work on it again some days.  To start with, I was alternating, ten minutes gardening one day, ten minutes walking the other. I also started work on a sewing project for my granddaughter that I'd been putting off.

Yesterday, I stunned myself.  I did both.  I took my dog for her walk and I planted out some new things in the garden.  I could barely believe it.  It's been months and months and months since I was able to do anything so incredible.

Last night I realised that I was probably coming out of a flare I'd been in.

Then I realised I was so exhausted I was no longer communicating coherently, and went to bed.  The pain was so bad that after lying there trying to go to sleep for a couple of hours, I ended up getting up for some endone (oxycodone) and a sleeping pill.  At that point, I thought maybe I'd been kidding myself and I wasn't really coming out of a flare, just pushing myself too far.

What happened next was a miracle.  I got up this morning and stayed up.  It's after 5pm and I haven't had, or needed, a nap.  If this continues I can see all sorts of wonderful things happening, for example I might actually be able to go to church.  It's been ages, but when I've managed to drag myself there, I've either slept through the service or been shaking with the effort of keeping myself awake.

I'm starting to get tired now, but I went grocery shopping today, and, as I said, I didn't have my four-hour nap after breakfast.  Even if it proves to be a very early night, I think I'll still celebrate what seems like a siginficant improvement.


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